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AG Müller

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Christa E. Müller


Research interests

  • Medical Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Molecular Pharmacology of Purinergic receptors (adenosine, P2Y, P2X, adenine receptors)

  • G-protein-coupled receptors / orphan GPCRs

  • Ectonucleotidase inhibitors

  • Development of screening assays

Technologies / resources

  • Synthesis of drug molecules (small molecules)

  • Combinatorial synthesis, microwave-assisted synthesis

  • Molecular biological techniques (expression in mammalian cells, insect cells and yeast), mutagenesis studies

  • Development of radioligands (including PET-ligands), fluorescent ligands and ESR probes

  • Isotope Laboratories

  • GM-S2-Laboratories

  • NMR (500 MHz), LCMS, CE

Joint projects



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