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AG Wagner

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Karl Wagner


Research interests

  • In vivo predictive biopharmaceutical tools

  • PBPK modeling

  • Improvement of bioavailability for solid oral dosage forms

  • Mechanisms of solubility improved formulations

  • Mechanisms of colloide/API interaction for stabilizing supersaturation

  • Site specific drug release (gastroretentive, bioadhesion, pH-sensitive ASDs)

  • Modified release dosage forms for small molecules and proteins/peptides

  • Hot melt extrusion

  • Melt- and wet granulation via twin screw extrusion

  • Compression analysis and tableting

Technologies / resources

  • Manufacturing (e.g. Röltgen Flexitab single punch press, Haake MiniLab extruder, Heinen fluidized air granulator)

  • Analytical Methods (HPLC / UV / NIR / Fluorescence, Dissolution, Sirius InForm, CLSM Nikon A1)

  • Material characterization (e.g. Philips/PANalytical XRPD, Mettler TMDSC (Topem))

Joint projects



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