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The major scientific aims of the PharmaCenter are:

  • Identification of new drug targets
  • Targeted pharmacological modulation of signaling pathways
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Development of novel therapeutic approaches
  • Research and development of experimental therapies based on stem cell, RNA- and nano-technology
  • Establishing clinically relevant animal models and validation of new active principles
  • Development of therapeutic approaches to overcome resistance to antibiotics and cytostatics
  • Implementation of basic research into clinical applications
  • Clinical research: early diagnosis, drug monitoring, development of individualized therapies, epidemiological studies, increases in drug safety, including through research on the causes, mechanisms and incidence of adverse drug reactions.

The pharmacotherapy of common diseases is the medical focus of the PharmaCenter Bonn, in particular diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems as well as oncological and metabolic/gastrointestinal disorders. These diseases are associated with lifestyles in modern, industrialized countries and ageing populations in those countries. Epidemiological and genetic aspects of the diseases will also be investigated.

Furthermore, some working groups of the PZB are committed to the study of the mechanisms of orphane diseases.

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