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Technologies and platforms

The PharmaCenter incorporates all aspects of the drug development process. The components of the Center are listed below and can roughly be categorized into four divisions: clinical studies, translational medicine, basic sciences and core technologies.

PZB and its platforms (technologies)

Clinical studies

Finally, the clinical sciences groups of the PharmaCenter provide the know-how and infrastructure for clinical studies (study center, biometry, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics) as well as epidemiological studies (pharmacovigilance).

Translational research

A primary focus of the PharmaCenter is translational research especially the identification of novel drug targets as well as the development and optimization of lead structures for drug development. The PharmaCenter helps to translate results of basic sciences into therapeutic approaches that have the potential to enter the clinics („from-bench-to-bedside“). The translational activities are supported by technology platforms that provide clinically relevant model systems including a broad spectrum of gain- and loss-of-function animal models (e.g. lentiviral transgenic and knockout animals). The PharmaCenter works closely together with other translational research initiatives in the Bonn/Cologne vicinity (e.g. Life & Brain GmbH).

Basic sciences

Basic sciences are essential for the development of novel drugs. Researchers involved here use a broad spectrum of model systems to study mechanisms of disease development. An important research field is the analysis of drug actions and drug interactions within the living organism. This part of the PharmaCenter consists of independent and highly interactive research groups. In addition, the groups will provide common ressources and core facilities.

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